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Get a Room

When other parents ask me for advice on keeping the home fires burning I tell them, ironically, to see solace in the nearest hotel.

Seriously. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of getting the kids to sleep and lighting a few candles. The bedroom is still part of the house and the house is where so many of the stresses are, like the rent and the dishes and the lawn that needs to be mowed.

Getting into a fresh anonymous hotel room helps you leave it all that domesticity behind. No hamper in the corner hissing out its message of tasks to do. No chance of being interrupted by a sleepy toddler. No noticing the crack in the ceiling and wondering what and when and how to fix it.

Is a hotel room an extravagance? Maybe not. You could go to a decent restaurant, eat a meal with a couple glasses of wine and be looking at a bill for $125. Or you could hop on priceline, bid $75 for a hotel and see what you get. I got a four star in downtown San Francisco. Our hotel date was fun little sexcation, and we didn’t even stay the whole night!

Way better than dinner and a movie and getting home to tired to fuck. On your hotel date, put sex first, and if you’re hungry afterwards, raid the minibar.

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2 Responses to “Get a Room”

  1. lia says:

    You know, I really enjoy this blog, but this post kind-of pissed me off. My partner and I consider a thirty dollar restaurant meal to be an extravagance, so spending seventy dollars or more on a date is just unthinkable. Perhaps every now and then you could aim a post at those of us with very small incomes who still try to enjoy vibrant sex lives.

  2. Anne says:

    Hi Lia, I’m a single mom who feels the pain in your pocketbook. I think the point of the post is really that you just need to change your environment once in awhile in order to feel like having sex. Maybe you could do a ‘house swap’ with friends or look on craigslist for someone who needs a housesitter for a couple nights. You still have the babysitter issue, but call in the friends and family. I wrote a post awhile ago about how to save money to be able to afford the occasional splurge to hire a babysitter that may have some useful tips

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