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Thanks baby, for making me a MILF!

At its core, Becoming MILF is an art exhibit about identity that navigates issues of motherhood and sex in an attempt to reclaim the word MILF to encompass a woman’s transformation into their post-partum sexual identity. It is a snap shot of the visual and sculptural manifestation of the first several weeks of motherhood.

Artist Statement – Madison Young Becoming MILF

Speaking of being or becoming a MILF, no one said it was easy. As many of you may know, and I know because I saw this bomb explode on twitter one afternoon last week, this happened (@Furrygirl, sex worker and sex worker’s rights champion, talked some pretty disparaging shit about @madisonyoung, sex worker and mother, and SF feminists/sex-workers/mothers/queers in general.) Online media took notice.

I saw it happen and I honestly had to unfollow @furrygirl. I think it was something about us (SF Feminists/sex-workers/moms) ‘using babies as buttplugs’. That was what @furrygirl said as she was berating @madisonyoung for breastfeeding in her art. I understand that Madison has a persona as a porn star and one day her daughter will be faced with much of the reality that is porn in our world, as all of our children will. I don’t want to comment too much on the opinions in this piece, as there are many.

I just want to remind everyone that we are actually in this together. I am sorry that @furrygirl had to take her dissent to twitter in such negative ways. I believe she went too far in her statements and didn’t take the time to think before she tweeted. I respect @madisonyoung’s right to be left alone and her comments on the matter have remained tactful and appropriate, in my opinion.

I would like us to take a moment and realize, yes our bodies are sexual and sexuality sometimes involves reproduction, and although we have lovely breasts to eroticize and fetishize, we also have them to nourish and provide.

There is a big difference between feeding a baby and using them as a buttplug. That’s really all I have to say.

And Madison says it so much better:

Says Young of the image, “An image which explores the identity of any sexual being is not inherantly an erotic image. This portrait that depicts my sexual identity while breastfeeding is not intended to be erotic, its intended to demonstrate a shifting, transformation in identity.”

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