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Would You Give up Sex for Coffee?

A recent issue of Seattle magazine is a paean to the robust Seattle coffee scene. Lots of interesting factoids about beans and baristas, but what jumped out at me was this statistic; of their survey respondents, 4% said they’d rather forgo sex than miss out on coffee.

Wow. Forever? Or just in the morning? I suppose that just as alcoholics live sober by forgoing drinking one day at a time, a person could inadvertently miss out on morning sex forever by rushing for java every day rather than grabbing a morning quickie.

But what if it was all day and forever? What would you give up sex for?

One co-worker allowed he’d give it up for money. But then we got into heavy negotiations- it went up to a million bucks a year for no sex, including masturbation.

Money’s tempting, but I’m too romantic. Wouldn’t life lose it’s vibrancy without sex? Colors would dull, and how much pleasure would I get from my awesome seven-bridge-view mansion with no sexy juiciness making me feel alive?

A USA Today poll found that half of women would rather give up sex than gain ten pounds. Wow again.

Rather than giving up sex for something, what would you give up to get sex? Money? In the heat of long distance passion I’ve walked up to the airport ticket counter and shelled out big bucks because I absolutely, positively had to get there overnight.

Security? Look at the crazy things people do for sex. We risk pregnancy, disease, we betray wives and husbands, jeopardize careers.

So if you’re in that 4% who would rather give up sex than coffee, maybe it’s a safe place to be. Who needs that craziness?

But as for me, hold the espresso, and let’s get busy. We can always get coffee (& a donut!) later.

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2 Responses to “Would You Give up Sex for Coffee?”

  1. Rachel, I’d have to agree with the last line of the post. 100%.

    Plus, I have an extremely low caffeine tolerance. If I drink a cup of coffee past 6 or 7 PM, I’m up into the wee hours of morning.

    Do you need coffee daily or do you drink a cup every once in a while?

  2. rachel says:

    this time of year, I drink a lot of coffee, mostly because i’m eating a lot of cookies!

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