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The Return of Babeland Brooklyn’s Sexy Moms Series

This month Babeland Brooklyn is kicking off its Sexy Moms Series by hosting two events for expectant and new moms who have questions about their changing sex lives.

Sex During Pregnancy at Bump
September 18th, 10AM, Free
Bump, 464 Bergen Street

On September 18th Babeland Sex Educators are taking their expertise next door to Bump, a boutique specializing in hip maternity wear.  Read the full post »

Sex During Pregnancy and Parenthood Class

This weekend at the Seattle Store we are teaching a Sex During Pregnancy and Parenthood class.  We even have guest teacher Nekole Shapiro from Tantric Birth joining our resident Sex Educator mom Shannon and myself.

Being newly pregnant (18 weeks) and a sex educator, my interest in learning all about sex during pregnancy has definitely increased.  Though I taught the Sexy Moms class a few times before I was pregnant, things are now personal.  At first it seemed that there wasn’t much information out there on having sex during pregnancy other than: Read the full post »

Come to My Sexy Moms Event May 19 in Brooklyn!

Glamour Magazine did a large survey of moms a few years ago and asked them, “If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?” Think about your own answer, then see what the survey revealed below. But if you’re a mom, and you can get to our Brooklyn store, come talk about it with me and some other moms at the workshop on May 19 at 7:30 titled “Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids.” I know we moms need to relax, which is why we’ll have a masseuse giving 15 minute massages from 6:30-7:30. And I know we need to save money so we can hire our babysitters, which is why this workshop is only $20. Read the full post »

Seattle May 16 Event for Moms: Love Yourself First

Sexy Moms Night: Love Yourself First
Sunday, May 16, 7:00PM, Free at Babeland’s Seattle Store
Get back in touch with your sexy self! Shannon, savvy mom and one of the Moms in Babeland, will share tips on embracing your mom body, creating time for you, and rekindling desire. We’ll pamper you with mini-massages, refreshments, and snacks, too.

Why this topic you ask? When we held a Sexy Moms night last year, the number one reason moms gave for not wanting to be intimate was not liking their own bodies anymore.

Once one  mom spoke up and talked about her stretch marks, there was an outpouring of support and agreement from other moms in the same boat whether it was displeasure with bellies, butts being bigger, boobs not as perky, etc…  The class veered from talk about sex tips to talk about how to love our new mom bodies.

Loving your body and loving yourself as a sexual being is at the top of the list for having a happy sex life, so we have developed a whole class just for learning to love yourself up again.  It can take a lot of baby steps (no pun intended), before you can stare at your naked body in the mirror and say in  your sexiest voice “I am fucking HOT!” and then bring that sexy attitude to a partner, but we are going to help you do just that! Read the full post »

May Sexy Moms Events at Babeland Brooklyn

Mother’s Day Celebration: Discreet Toys for Two
Sunday, May 09, 12:00PM, Free
Take a break from picking up your kid’s toys, and pick up a few toys of your own. Join us for hand massages and a mini-workshop about discreet toys that are great for solo or partner play to add a little fun. Get a 10% discount during the event and enjoy complimentary coffee and muffins from Blue Sky Bakery, too.

Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids
Wednesday, May 19, 07:30PM, $20
Do moms make better lovers? We think so, and in this workshop just for moms you’ll discover how to claim the sexual satisfaction you so richly deserve. Taught by Babeland’s own Anne Semans, co-author of Sexy Mamas: Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids, you’ll learn (and share!) tips on how to embrace your body, make time for sex, re-ignite desire, and reconnect with your own erotic nature. Read the full post »

Moms in Babeland Contests

Help us spread the word about our Moms in Babeland blog and you could win new sex toys. There are two ways to win:

1. Link to Moms in Babeland from your blog, website or Facebook page:

Win a Babeland Body kit ($25 value) simply by linking to Moms in Babeland during the month of May from your site, blog, or Facebook page!

2. Tell us what you learned about sex from your mom!

What did you learn about sex from your mom? Tell us! Either post a comment to the topic “Our Moms” on the Moms in Babeland blog, or answer this question on your own site or blog and link back to us. You’ll be entered to win the grand prize:  She Comes First Kit ($80 value) Read the full post »

Talking with your Kids About Sex with Judith Steinhart

We had the pleasure of having sexuality expert, Dr. Judith Steinhart, join us at our Park Slope Store for our most recent installment of our Sexy Moms Series.   Here are some great pieces of advice Judith has for nervous parents who want to start talking to their kids about the facts of life:

  • Tell your new born baby all about sex so that you will have at least practiced saying the words once.
  • Leave educational books around the house for your child to read when they are ready.
  • Remember that your kids trust you. All the research shows that kids want to hear about sex from their parents.
  • Figure out what message you want to send and then practice saying it. Read the full post »

Mamarama Reviews Sex-Positive Kids Workshop

“Mommy how old were you the first time you DID sex?” ask Jayne Freeman’s precocious seven-year-old, an anecdote she describes in her review of Babeland’s workshop Raising Sex-Positive Kids, taught by Amy Levine, M.A. Jayne’s experiences reveal the importance of seeking outside resources and advice when you need it.   She writes:

“One of the points Amy made clear was that discussing sexual issues should be an ongoing positive dialogue with our kids; not “the talk” kind of monologue. She explained that there are plenty of “teachable moments” in our lives that give opportunity for meaningful discussions. For example, what children see on TV, in movies or at school in addition to their questions about commitment, relationships and body image are all moments for exploration. All of those topics tie into the concept of “sexuality” in a broad and encompassing way. If you hear your child using the word “gay” as a derogatory adjective, for example, you can take that moment to discuss what the word means in our vernacular and how you feel about using demeaning terms.”

For more tips on talking to your kids about sex, read Jayne’s full piece.

Find out what parenting events we have lined up at our Brooklyn store here!

Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids with Amy Lang, MA

Parents, don’t miss Amy Lang, MA of Birds+Bees+Kids speaking at Babeland’s Seattle store on April 25.  Amy’s talk is for parents of elementary school age children and older. This interactive talk helps parents understand the need to start the conversations early and continue them throughout childhood and adolescence. Parents learn what works for kids, have time to talk about their own experiences and values, and learn about teen sexual behavior in an open and candid atmosphere. Read the full post »

Lesbian Parenting with Lauren Abrams

Becoming a parent is wonderful, but lesbians must navigate a host of issues before becoming moms. For example, will you use an anonymous or a known sperm donor? How much will it cost? Who will be the birth mother? Will you adopt? As part of Babeland’s Sexy Moms Series in Brooklyn,  Lauren Abrams, a local lesbian midwife and parent from Park Slope addressed these questions with honesty, professionalism, and  the privilege of hindsight. Read the full post »