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Sex Positive Parenting Series in Seattle

October is National Family Sex Education month, and besides this awesome contest where you can win prizes, we are also hosting events in our stores.
This weekend in Seattle we are hosting the Sex Positive Parenting Series put on by Nekole Shapiro, the founder of TantricBirth, and Allena Gabosch the director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture.  The discussion is open, so any topic regarding talking to your kids about sex or creating a sex positive environment for your kids to grow up in, is on the table. Read the full post »

Blogher Inspiration with Instagram Photos

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Blogher11, a conference of women bloggers from all over the world, held August 4-6 in San Diego. I’m excited to share with you some of the highlights, including throwing a little shindig with the help of Sandy, social networking and sex information goddess extraordinaire, from Sandy inspired this entire adventure,which started off with a party at the Lounge SD (see our tempting invite).

The Party

When our guests arrived, Sandy told them all about the raffle and the toys we had to give away, while I greeted them with fruit, pretzels and Babeland’s Edible Body Chocolate. We had a great group of about 50 women from all realms of blogging, all excited to discover Babeland. You could say we kicked off the conference with a buzz!

We played a penis candy necklace eating game, gave away a some awesome swag and prizes and talked a lot about sex blogging and what Babeland has to offer. The tweeting – instagraming – social networking goddesses at the party even gave us our own hash tag #makedildosnotwar based on the Tantus buttons that we passed out: Read the full post »

Sex During and After Pregnancy Classes in Seattle

What do pregnant ladies and new moms have in common when it comes to sex? They aren’t getting enough good information!

Well at Babeland we love to talk about sex, and lucky us, we get to do that all day every day. We also love the hot mamas and mamas to be and we want them to be having as much (or as little) sex as they want to and getting the most out of it. We are teaching 2 classes in Seattle at Birth and Beyond next week  (August 11th) one especially for the pregnant ladies (Sex During and After Pregnancy) and one for the new mama’s (Sex, Desire, and Reconnecting ).
The pregnancy class will answer all those pesky questions like:

  • Will I hurt the baby? (No).
  • What positions can I possibly get into? (Lots).
  • Am I a pervert because of my dreams? (No).
  • Will having sex or orgasms cause me to go into labor early? (It depends) Read the full post »

Postpartum Sex Workshop at Babeland Brooklyn

When we talk about what’s happening inside the bedroom at Babeland, we like to meet people where they are.  Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm and you are interested in buying a first toy, or maybe you’ve found yourself too busy picking up your kids toys to use toys of your own.   Either way, we don’t think there is a one way to approach sex, which is why we created the Sexy Moms Series.

Every month  we host eye-opening events for new parents that creates a space for moms and dads to talk about the immense changes that are happening to their bodies, lives and relationships.   Our most popular class is “Sex During and After Pregnancy” where we chat with a diverse group filled with preggies and new parents.

This week we are excited to offer a new class, “Postpartum Sex”, that will focus on the experience of being postpartum and trying to reconnect with your sexy self.   This free class will be led by childbirth and sexuality expert, Vanessa Anton and is open to singles, couples, friends and babies!  Here are the details:

Postpartum Sex
Tuesday, June 21, 07:00PM, Free
Babeland Brooklyn, 462 Bergen Street
You just had a baby… now what? Your sexuality is far from off-limits. Join childbirth and sexuality expert, Vanessa Anton, as she explains the changes happening to your body, your sex drive, and how to come back to your sexy self while caring for a newborn.
See you there!







Hot Mama Burlesque: Not Your Mama’s Striptease!

The burlesque community in New York City is exploding with creativity.  I’ve seen shows dedicated to celebrating queerness: Lezbo-lesque,  Judaism: Menorah Horah and even bicycles: Bike-Lesque. No matter what your interest is, I guarantee someone is stripping to it.

Imagine my pleasure when I discovered Hot Mama Burlesque, an all-moms burlesque review. Would there be children involved? Of course not! But there will be plenty of slapstick poking fun at the experience of raising them.

Hosted by Raven Snook, and presented in conjunction with Mamapalooza, the show includes performances by many veteran hot mamas, including Little Brooklyn, Viva Caliente, The Incredible Edible Akynos, Ginger Baker, Kat Mon Dieu, and two new additions: Miss Ivy League, and the pretty and pregnant Lolita Von Cake. Also on hand to celebrate procreation in her own special way, sexy (but childless) mama Creamy Stevens, co-creator of the legendary Starshine Burlesque.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a babysitter, put on some glitter and make your way to Hot Mama Burlesque!


When: Saturday, May 21 at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
Where: The Delancy (Downstairs) at 168 Delancey St. between Clinton and Attorney Sts.

Edgy Mother’s Day Event for Moms with Attitude

Are you a mom who sometimes takes time for herself and not for your kids? Have you been known to spend money on a manicure instead of saving for that state-of-the-art diaper bag? If this sounds familiar you just might be interested in attending the 5th Annual Edgy Mother’s Day Event on May 19th in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

For five years Edgy Moms have been ditching their duties to gather to hear touching, witty and thoughtful readings about motherhood.  This year  the line up includes Tom Rayfiel (author of “Parallel Play”), Susan Gregory Thomas (author of Buy, Buy Baby: How Consumer Culture Manipulates Mothers and Harms Children), Louise Crawford (OnlytheblogknowsBrooklyn’s Smartmom), Read the full post »

Join Urban Mom Squad at Babeland SoHo

Toys aren’t just for your kids anymore. Join Urban Mom Squad, a social networking group for NYC moms of children aged five and under, for a private, kid-free evening Sunday, May 15, at 7:30pm at Babeland SoHo. At this event you’ll learn how to come back to your sexy self and reintroduce words like “hot” and “passion” into your vocabulary… and more importantly, bedroom! Read the full post »

Babeland is Going to the Brooklyn Baby Expo

This Sunday Babeland is attending the first-ever Brooklyn Baby Expo, hosted by one of our favorite parenting sites, ‘A Child Grows in Brooklyn.’ We can’t wait to give new and expectant parents the information they need to keep their sex lives fresh!

The Expo will showcase businesses that have the information and products you need to raise your urban baby.  There will also be rotating lectures such as ‘Parenting Partnerships: How to work together.’  I hope curious parents wander over to Babeland’s booth to find out how they can work together to nourish their sex lives as well!

Our booth will be in the nursing lounge, an intimate and cozy setting where attendees will feel comfortable asking our Sex Educators personal questions. Think you’re too busy for sex?  Turn that frown upside down, sexy mama! We’ll be dishing out real advice for how to spice up your sex life as a busy parent, and will be selling the toys and books that will convince you that making more time for yourself feels good.

So what are you waiting for? Put that dirty diaper down and stop by our booth to learn how to get down and dirty with your partner!

The expo is happening on March 13 at Toren, 150 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. Tickets are $35 (60 for duos) and come with a free subscription to Time Out NY Kids. Find out more here.

Sex During Pregnancy Class

In Seattle, we have recently paired up with Bootyland (up the block from Babeland) for our Sexy Moms classes.  We have taught a couple of classes for moms with older kids, but our upcoming class here in Seattle on November 30th is specifically for the pregnant moms and the moms with newborns (and partners of course).

When I wrote about the last class we had, I mentioned the lack of info online  about how to keep your mojo while preggo.  Well, there are definitely no classes for pregnant women wanting to find out the details about how their sex lives will change with pregnancy and parenthood.

Hey, I’m happy to be the resident expert on the subject!  I love teaching about sex, I’m pregnant, plus I have now gotten to talk to LOTS of pregnant women and new moms about their sex lives too.

This class will cover 2 really important topics:
1.    Everyone is different.
2.    Communication techniques Read the full post »

Sexy Mom Event in Seattle

On October 26th I will be teaching a free workshop at Bootyland. It is part of our Sexy Mom’s event series and the topic is Sex, Desire, and Reconnecting. I love this event because these are three of my favorite topics to discuss. This is a one-hour event that is absolutely free. Drop by after work and enjoy some great tips to use after the kids go to bed.
1317 E Pine St
Seattle WA 98122