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Thanks baby, for making me a MILF!

At its core, Becoming MILF is an art exhibit about identity that navigates issues of motherhood and sex in an attempt to reclaim the word MILF to encompass a woman’s transformation into their post-partum sexual identity. It is a snap shot of the visual and sculptural manifestation of the first several weeks of motherhood.

Artist Statement – Madison Young Becoming MILF

Speaking of being or becoming a MILF, no one said it was easy. As many of you may know, and I know because I saw this bomb explode on twitter one afternoon last week, this happened (@Furrygirl, sex worker and sex worker’s rights champion, talked some pretty disparaging shit about @madisonyoung, sex worker and mother, and SF feminists/sex-workers/mothers/queers in general.) Online media took notice. Read the full post »

Postpartum Sex Workshop at Babeland Brooklyn

When we talk about what’s happening inside the bedroom at Babeland, we like to meet people where they are.  Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm and you are interested in buying a first toy, or maybe you’ve found yourself too busy picking up your kids toys to use toys of your own.   Either way, we don’t think there is a one way to approach sex, which is why we created the Sexy Moms Series.

Every month  we host eye-opening events for new parents that creates a space for moms and dads to talk about the immense changes that are happening to their bodies, lives and relationships.   Our most popular class is “Sex During and After Pregnancy” where we chat with a diverse group filled with preggies and new parents.

This week we are excited to offer a new class, “Postpartum Sex”, that will focus on the experience of being postpartum and trying to reconnect with your sexy self.   This free class will be led by childbirth and sexuality expert, Vanessa Anton and is open to singles, couples, friends and babies!  Here are the details:

Postpartum Sex
Tuesday, June 21, 07:00PM, Free
Babeland Brooklyn, 462 Bergen Street
You just had a baby… now what? Your sexuality is far from off-limits. Join childbirth and sexuality expert, Vanessa Anton, as she explains the changes happening to your body, your sex drive, and how to come back to your sexy self while caring for a newborn.
See you there!







Sex After Baby. The Anal Beads Will Have To Wait

Great re-post from writer “mommy wants vodka”, who writes for one of our fave blogs, Toy With Me:

After my son was born, my doctor was busily discharging me from the hospital and in the middle of her discharge instructions, she looked at me conspiratorially and said, “Now, NO sex until after your six week appointment.” I’d swear that she winked at me then, but maybe she had something in her eye, because I don’t know if it was my bleary, tear-streaked face, or blood-shot eyes that gave me away, or perhaps it was the three days worth of beard growth on my husband’s face, but the last thing on my mind (even BEYOND, hey, I wonder what would happen if I ate the DO NOT EAT packets in the medicine bottles?) was getting busy again.

I’d just pushed 8 pounds of baby out of my cootch; 8 pounds of baby that was now attached to my now-pancake-sized nipple, and I could barely waddle to the bathroom without weeping in pain, so, trust me, Good Doctor, the last thing I want to do is stick something up a hole that has now been stretched out, once again. My husband, The Daver, wasn’t in any better shape, as he’d suffered through the male version of pregnancy alongside me, although his penis had escaped the ordeal unscathed. Read the full post »

Babysitters Saved My Sex Life

Don’t worry, this is not a post about dating babysitters. It’s about using babysitters so you can go on a date. My first piece of advice to all moms is this: use babysitters as often as you can, it will save your sanity first, and your sex life second. No excuses.

I was the first among my circle of friends to get pregnant (at the ripe old age of 32). Many of my friends and coworkers offered to babysit, and I tell you, if I had it to do over again, I would have taken each one of them up on their offer then and there. But I didn’t for reasons that will sound familiar to all moms: I thought it was a lot to ask, or that they didn’t really mean it, or that they didn’t think they could handle it, or I didn’t feel like arranging it.

However, every parent fantasizes about having a stable full of talented, reliable, available-at-a-moment’s-notice babysitters, so they can have some privacy and time off from the demands of child-rearing.

That’s not a reality for most of us, so the next best thing is to plug into a local parent’s network and start getting recommendations for paid babysitters, and testing them out till you get two or three you like.

The biggest excuse I hear for not hiring babysitters is money. At ten bucks an hour, plus the price of your dinner and movie out, you can see why many parents talk themselves into staying home. But it is worth it, I promise, because you need a night off to relax, or a weekend off to reconnect. Read the full post »

Sexual Health Study for New Moms

Researchers from The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University are conducting an online survey regarding women’s sexual experiences and body image during the postpartum period.

For this study, they are recruiting women who have given birth for the first time in the past year (e.g., first time mothers whose baby is one year old or younger).  Women who choose to participate in the survey will be asked questions about their birthing experience as well as their body image and sexual behaviors.

The online survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes and upon completion participants will have the opportunity to enter to win one of 50 $20 VISA gift cards.

To learn more about this study and decide whether you want to participate, please visit the following website: Read the full post »

Sexy Celebrity Mom: Brooke Shields

Brooke is not on this list because of her modeling or acting career, but because a few years ago she publicly spanked (metaphorically-speaking) Tom Cruise for questioning her use of anti-depressants to treat post-partum depression, thereby raising awareness of this all too real occurrence (13% of women experience depression after birth).  Read the full post »

Public Breast Feeding Controversy

Statue of Breastfeeding MomThis week’s hot topic is public breast feeding: when and where is it appropriate…if ever. I agree with Kourtney Kardasian’s positive stance, which can be summed up as “it’s just fine” and “don’t look if you don’t like it”.

Not everyone believes in breast feeding and many do not feel it is appropriate in public. I say to each their own. I do not feel that society should dictate how or when a baby is fed and if a little nipple shows in the process, what is the big deal? Kim points out that her son’s needs are her biggest concern, which pale in comparison to societal expectations that breasts be covered up. Read the full post »

Do Moms Have Sex?

When the proposal was first put to me that we launch a site all about Moms and sex, I was skeptical. A lot of Moms I know don’t have much sex.

Immediately post-birth that makes sense. If the Mom had a vaginal delivery she may be feeling pretty battered and beat up. If she had a C-section, she’s recovering from surgery, if it was an adoption or surrogate, the shock of the transition is huge enough on its own.  The sleep cycles of infants are not conducive to parental eroticism, nor is the scent of poopy diapers. Read the full post »