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Love Your Sexy, Pregnant Self

I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of articles that I have found online about pregnancy and  body image.  I find myself turned off to these articles when I see them because most of them have messaging like, “don’t worry your body will return to normal” or “it’s okay to eat more now that you are pregnant”.  I get it, there is a lot of pressure out there for women to stay skinny and the pregnant body is far from that.  But this kind of messaging creates the image that a pregnant body is not a sexy body.  I must beg to differ.

I have never felt sexier than I do not that I’m pregnant.  From watching my belly grow bigger and bigger to the cleavage that I never thought possible.  Here is my list of the top 10 ways that I’ve enjoyed my sexy body during pregnancy:

1. Maximize the cleavage.  I’ve never had huge boobs and now that I have them I totally want to flaunt them.  It’s probably because they are only temporary so I feel the need to enjoy them while they last.  But whatever the reason, it certainly makes me feel sexy to push up the boobage a little bit to get the most out of what I’ve got. Read the full post »

Art, Sex and Motherhood

Thanks baby, for making me a MILF!

At its core, Becoming MILF is an art exhibit about identity that navigates issues of motherhood and sex in an attempt to reclaim the word MILF to encompass a woman’s transformation into their post-partum sexual identity. It is a snap shot of the visual and sculptural manifestation of the first several weeks of motherhood.

Artist Statement – Madison Young Becoming MILF

Speaking of being or becoming a MILF, no one said it was easy. As many of you may know, and I know because I saw this bomb explode on twitter one afternoon last week, this happened (@Furrygirl, sex worker and sex worker’s rights champion, talked some pretty disparaging shit about @madisonyoung, sex worker and mother, and SF feminists/sex-workers/mothers/queers in general.) Online media took notice. Read the full post »

Sex During and After Pregnancy Classes in Seattle

What do pregnant ladies and new moms have in common when it comes to sex? They aren’t getting enough good information!

Well at Babeland we love to talk about sex, and lucky us, we get to do that all day every day. We also love the hot mamas and mamas to be and we want them to be having as much (or as little) sex as they want to and getting the most out of it. We are teaching 2 classes in Seattle at Birth and Beyond next week  (August 11th) one especially for the pregnant ladies (Sex During and After Pregnancy) and one for the new mama’s (Sex, Desire, and Reconnecting ).
The pregnancy class will answer all those pesky questions like:

  • Will I hurt the baby? (No).
  • What positions can I possibly get into? (Lots).
  • Am I a pervert because of my dreams? (No).
  • Will having sex or orgasms cause me to go into labor early? (It depends) Read the full post »

Teen Pregnancy

From S:
I became pregnant 3 weeks after my 19th birthday. I was so afraid that I had let down my family. My mom was incredibly supportive and when I called to tell her, she just said, “Why are you crying? This is a happy thing. It’s going to be ok.” Some of my friends really stood by me and supported me while others cut off all contact. This was difficult but I also realized that I didn’t need people like that in my life. I read a lot of books and reached out to my family members with kids to get information and luckily had a great OB/GYN that took good care of me and made sure I had any/all the resources and support I needed. 9 years later, there have been struggles and I had to grow up really quickly but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

In order to illustrate the importance of sex education (and on behalf of SIECUS our fundraising recipient this month), we asked our staff to contribute stories or anecdotes about their own sexual awakening or what kind of sex education they received. Feel free to share your comments on the Moms in Babeland blog and you could win a toy!

The Pregnant New Yorker’s Alternative Health Expo

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The Pregnant New Yorker’s Alternative Health Expo where I learned about breast feeding tips, options for pre and post natal care, and spent time with some seriously cute babies!

My favorite part was giving a talk about how to spice up your sex during pregnancy to a group of thirty women.  I praised the joys of Babelube Natural, the ease of fitting the Form 2 under a pregnant belly, and gave tips for communicating during a time when hormones are flying.

This was our second experience attending a pregnancy expo, and the range of responses we’ve received from attendees has run the gamut from shyness to utter excitement.

So tell me – after hearing information about breasts, bellies, and babies, would you be excited to hear sex tips at a pregnancy event?

Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Meet the Author!

Danielle Cavallucci, co-author of Your Orgasmic Pregnancy, shares some tips with MIB readers:

MIB: Why did you choose the title “Your Orgasmic Pregnancy?”

Danielle: We wanted to cue women and their partners in to the notion that pregnancy can be sexy, ripe, bursting with fun. We wanted to empower people to change their perception that pregnancy is a stodgy, boring physical states or that one must be anything less than vital and orgasmic during pregnancy.

MIB: Can you share a couple of tips on how women can have more sexually-fulfilling pregnancies?

Danielle: The #1 issue for most couples is their failure to communicate honestly and openly about insecurties and myths. Usually, once you’ve been brave enough to open up and let your partner know how afraid you are or how unattractive you may feel, your partner will either quell these with the truth of their opposing opinion — usually male partners’ fires are stoked, not dampened — and will forge a greater measure of intimacy and trust. How can you feel sexually fulfilled if you’re not being seen inside and out?

The second key is to “just do it.” Oftentimes, during and outside of pregnancy, we can get into the habit of not being intimate. We’re too lazy to overcome the minor barriers of overwhelm and stress to learn that their best antidote is actually sex and sensual contact. It reduces stress, elevates mood, decreases pain, improves your quality of repose and creates a stronger bond between mother and partner.

MIB: What are the biggest myths associated with sex during pregnancy?
Danielle: The biggest and funniest is that the baby will come into contact with the penis or any other sexual object inserted into the mother’s vagina. This is absolutely impossible. Some other funny myths surround orgasm. Many believe that a mother’s orgasm can expedite labor, when the truth is that those who remain sexually active are more likely to go to term. Others believe that ingesting seminal emissions will harm the fetus or the mother during pregnancy. In fact, studies have shown that women who ingest the ejaculate of their child’s father have a significantly decreased risk of pre-eclampsia and other disorders associated with the mother’s body rejecting the fetus as a “foreign object.” Thoughts on the reasoning point to the notion that the father’s genes carried into the mother via stomach make her body used to the part of the baby’s genes unidentical to her own. Read the full post »

Sex During Pregnancy Class

In Seattle, we have recently paired up with Bootyland (up the block from Babeland) for our Sexy Moms classes.  We have taught a couple of classes for moms with older kids, but our upcoming class here in Seattle on November 30th is specifically for the pregnant moms and the moms with newborns (and partners of course).

When I wrote about the last class we had, I mentioned the lack of info online  about how to keep your mojo while preggo.  Well, there are definitely no classes for pregnant women wanting to find out the details about how their sex lives will change with pregnancy and parenthood.

Hey, I’m happy to be the resident expert on the subject!  I love teaching about sex, I’m pregnant, plus I have now gotten to talk to LOTS of pregnant women and new moms about their sex lives too.

This class will cover 2 really important topics:
1.    Everyone is different.
2.    Communication techniques Read the full post »

How To Get Pregnant When Your Sex Life Is Sub-Par

We’ve all heard how sex lives can suffer once you have kids.

First, because of the damage that occurs to a woman’s nether regions during childbirth. Then, because of the tenderness of a woman’s vaginal lining—in addition to hormonal fluctuations—in the months after childbirth. And then? Well, there’s the lack of time, and the exhaustion that comes from being a parent (and a spouse, and a fully functioning individual). There’s the magnification of the madonna/whore complex that can occur after you pop one out. There’s the reshuffling of your affections, and the sometimes attendant resentments that can result from this. There’s the inexorable pull of month after month of sexless nights, that can spin out into a complete loss of libido.

This doesn’t worry me. After all, our sex life already sucks.

“You know,” my husband said the other week, “in order to get pregnant, we have to have sex.”

It’s not what you think. Read the full post »

Sex During Pregnancy and Parenthood Class

This weekend at the Seattle Store we are teaching a Sex During Pregnancy and Parenthood class.  We even have guest teacher Nekole Shapiro from Tantric Birth joining our resident Sex Educator mom Shannon and myself.

Being newly pregnant (18 weeks) and a sex educator, my interest in learning all about sex during pregnancy has definitely increased.  Though I taught the Sexy Moms class a few times before I was pregnant, things are now personal.  At first it seemed that there wasn’t much information out there on having sex during pregnancy other than: Read the full post »

Sexual Health Study for New Moms

Researchers from The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University are conducting an online survey regarding women’s sexual experiences and body image during the postpartum period.

For this study, they are recruiting women who have given birth for the first time in the past year (e.g., first time mothers whose baby is one year old or younger).  Women who choose to participate in the survey will be asked questions about their birthing experience as well as their body image and sexual behaviors.

The online survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes and upon completion participants will have the opportunity to enter to win one of 50 $20 VISA gift cards.

To learn more about this study and decide whether you want to participate, please visit the following website: Read the full post »