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Sexy Celebrity Mom: Madonna

It’s been awhile since I posted a celebrity mom on the blog, and rather than turning to the pages of People magazine to see which Hollywood youngster is giving birth, let’s pay a little tribute to an older mom who’s always been known for her provocative contribution to pop culture: Madonna.

What a powerful female icon she is, and in recent interviews about directing W.E. (a biopic of Wallis Simpson) we’re reminded of just how many glass ceilings she broke through in the entertainment industry, all with her signature blend of sex and strength. Madonna’s moment of sexy mom-ness came for me when she had her first child (at the same time as I had my first daughter), and dedicated the song Ray of Light to daughter Lourdes. While other moms were playing Raffi for their kids, I cranked up Ray of Light, because the lyric “And I feel like I just got home” perfectly described that deeply intimate love I felt about my new daughter.  To this day when that song come on, my girls and dance  to it with joy and abandon! Read the full post »

What My Kids Learned About Sex…From Musicals

My older daughter loves musicals. She has aspirations to sing on Broadway. So we watch a lot of musicals, which I must admit (not having been a big musical fan), I have enjoyed very much. Musicals really do put a spring in your step and a song in your heart (which you can use when you’re pushing Fifty). But lately what I’ve enjoyed about them most are the ways they are teaching my kids about life, diversity, sex, history, and morality.

Sure we love the classics like Singing in the Rain, but there ain’t much of a social message there. Give us Hairspray with the drag queen mom, the fat-positive teenage lead, and the civil rights struggle. And they adored The Rocky Horror Picture Show with its fabulous soundtrack and lore–but boy did I answer a lot of questions about transvestites, bisexuality, and geez, even cannibalism. In South Pacific the characters struggle with racism, interracial relationships, and children born out of wedlock. In Funny Girl they see a driven and talented career showgirl who earns more money than her husband (and does exactly what she wants while telling everyone else not to rain on her parade). Read the full post »

So Long R.E.M.

In case any of you missed it, the band R.E.M. announced that it was breaking up after a run together of over 30 years. This news made me wistful, not only because they provided this mom great music along her own life journey, they touched me closer to home. A few years ago they filmed part of their Supernatural Superserious video in the Babeland store in the Lower East Side (click on Babeland on the grid), and our staff found the band charming and fun.

I am also reminiscing about a fantastic song about sex education called “Trout”, a duet Michael Stipe (he actually raps) did in the early ’90s with Neneh Cherry. If you haven’t ever listened to it do it now, it’s a song about being young, wanting to have sex, and needing some sex education! If Salt n’ Pepa’s anthem “Let’s Talk about Sex” was a call to action for youth, this song was a call to action for parents and educators.

Neneh sings:

Feelings of love I’ve got
feelings of affection
Come on and give it to me
give it with protection
There’s no time we’re out of luck
The law says we can’t talk about it! Read the full post »

Art, Sex and Motherhood

Thanks baby, for making me a MILF!

At its core, Becoming MILF is an art exhibit about identity that navigates issues of motherhood and sex in an attempt to reclaim the word MILF to encompass a woman’s transformation into their post-partum sexual identity. It is a snap shot of the visual and sculptural manifestation of the first several weeks of motherhood.

Artist Statement – Madison Young Becoming MILF

Speaking of being or becoming a MILF, no one said it was easy. As many of you may know, and I know because I saw this bomb explode on twitter one afternoon last week, this happened (@Furrygirl, sex worker and sex worker’s rights champion, talked some pretty disparaging shit about @madisonyoung, sex worker and mother, and SF feminists/sex-workers/mothers/queers in general.) Online media took notice. Read the full post »

Rihanna Needs Babeland’s Vibrella

Babeland's Vibrella

Babeland’s just released the ultimate “vibrator in disguise”: the Vibrella. The functional umbrella boasts a removable vibrating handle that magically transforms the pattern of raindrops into vibrations!

This crazy sexcessory is bound to tickle the fancy of multi-tasking moms, “Singing in the Rain” buffs, tech-geeks, and of course, anyone who’s tapped their feet to Rihanna’s pop sensation “Umbrella” (-ella, -ella, -ella).

And speaking of Rihanna, you can check her out on the cover of Rolling Stone this week—in a sneak peak of the article she offers this pearl, which I would definitely file under the heading: Things Mom Never Taught You: “Don’t go into a sex toy store tipsy.”

Help me out here readers, how would you finish that sentence, because I want to know why, and they don’t say in the excerpt!. My fill-in-the-blanks:

Don’t go into a sex toy store when you’re tipsy…

…because when you’re three sheets to the wind your eyes will always be bigger than your stomach

…because you might find a toy that’s more satisfying than your latest boyfriend
…because you might get snapped by the paparazzi while singing Umbella in the rain with a Vibrella

What say you??

Sexy Celebrity Mom: Tina Fey

I remember the first time I saw Sarah Palin, I thought she was Tina Fey’s twin. What a break for Tina, whose parodies of Palin during the last presidential election catapulted her into the national spotlight. I’m glad she re-ignited that sexy librarian look for moms, which she had fun with in her last movie “Date Night”, where she convincingly plays a busy mom on a date night gone haywire. And Tina of course, just rocks, for her amazing talent on “30 Rock.”

Want to see who else is on the celebrity moms list? My sexy celebrity moms offer something for all of us. Even it was just for a moment, each one of these ladies put a real face on motherhood, and gave us a glimpse of her sexy mom-ness in all its sensual glory. These moms are sexy to me because they are galvanized by their mom power, radiating strength, intelligence, beauty, and brazenness. Stay tuned for more!

Glee’s Sex Education Episode

It was only a matter of time before Glee tackled the subject of sex education, and I’m happy to say this week’s show “Sexy” (watch Glee on Hulu) did not disappoint this sex educator mom. The genius of the episode was that it did not actually deliver much explicit sex education, but it hammered away at the fact that teenagers need it, they aren’t good at getting it, and if you are a parent or teacher you need to make sure they do get it. And for those of us who watch Glee with their kids, the show itself became a fabulous series of “teachable moments”: my 8-year-old wanted to know what Sapphic love was and my 14-year-old shared her own story of watching her science teacher put a condom on a broomstick handle. Read the full post »

It’s Complicated

Now that every trip to a movie theater requires me to shell out for a babysitter as well as tickets for the show, I do most of my movie watching at home. It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin (two of my faves) finally made it to HBO. The funny pair play a long divorced couple who find themselves having a steamy affair.

Towards the end of the film Streep’s character has to explain to their adult children that the pair will not be reuniting. “This was something I had to do for me,” she explains to the confused twenty-somethings. And then, because it’s a boomer generation wish fulfillment type movie, and she has perfect children, they all share a group hug.

I like the sentiment of “I had to do it for me.” There is so much we sacrifice for our kids. (Seeing movies out being one example). But we need to hold on to a certain amount of selfishness, call it “self-care,” in order to hang on to who we are.

When we lose ourselves by shaping our lives entirely around those we love, loss of vitality is sure to result. My favorite couples book, Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch, hammers home the point that couples need the inner strength to disagree with each other, to stick up for themselves, and that learning to tolerate the discomfort that comes from conflict will pay vast dividends in true intimacy and hot sex.

Something similar must be true regarding parenting. If we hold onto ourselves, tolerate letting our kids down sometimes because something we want for ourselves takes precedence, maybe a deeper intimacy with our kids is possible. By intimacy, I mean being known, not being appreciated. They probably won’t rush in for a big hug when you say “I had to do it for me.”

But it’s good anyway. For them, and for you.

Reality Bites or at Least Knocks Up Teens

This post is my rant on the glorification and exploitation of teen pregnancy in American media. A friend posted a link to this story about teens becoming pregnant to get onto reality television. I don’t even know where to start with the multitude of things that are wrong with this…so I will start with the large amount of responsibility that having a child requires. As someone who got pregnant at 18 I can attest to the level of difficulty that accompanies being a young parent who has their entire life ahead of them. I am now 28 and trying to figure out how I am going to pay for grad school and support a child. It is not easy and 15 minutes in the spotlight is not worth the struggles that come with being a young parent.

I am also curious as to where the parents are. I understand that everyone wants their fame and that most people feel entitled to fame, however, wishing this level of pain and struggling on your child so that you can have fame vicariously is immoral and sick. I will try not to be quite so one sided most of the time but exploiting children (even/especially your own) really makes me angry. There may be other reasons why a parent wants their child to get pregnant than hoping Mtv will pick them up… Read the full post »

I Beg of Thee: Watch Glee

If you’ve read this blog before you know I’m a Glee fan. But if you’re a parent, and you aren’t watching it, you oughtta be. It doesn’t matter how young your kids are, there’s a lot to take away that’s relevant to parenting.

Sure, it’s a high school soap opera set to a catchy musical score, but the writers and actors are delivering social messages that are capable of changing youth behavior in a way that well-intentioned lectures from parents, teachers, and YouTube campaigns can’t. It also can change the way you parent by opening your eyes to what your kids are either suffering, or will likely suffer in some way, whether they’re struggling with peer pressure, body image, homosexuality, gender stereotypes, physical limitations, race and class bias, or a host of other ways they may be villified because they are different.

They do it by making the show aspirational: by showing us how it should be, could be, how you want it to be for your kids. Example:

Season 1: A gay kid comes out to his dad, the dad embraces him while acknowledging his struggle with it. All possible and positive. Then throw in the way the gay kid teaches the football team to move to Beyonce’s Put a Ring On It so they win their first game, and you find yourself saying “I want high school to be just like that for my kids.” Not likely, but when you watch it with your kids (mine are 14 and 8), they get to see what is possible, which gives them hope, and hopefully, the courage to stand up for what they believe is possible. Read the full post »