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7 Sexy Ways to Use Lube

Babelanders offers sexy non-traditional ways to use personal lubricant (for funny non-sexual uses, see this post):

  1. Use Babelube as makeup. Dab a little onto your lips; it will double as lip gloss, giving them a nice shine, and then when you offer up a blow job later, your lips are already primed with extra slipperiness.
  2. Use lube to enhance erogenous zones. Babelube silicone can be used as a moisturizing lotion on sensitive and dry skin. Rub a little Babelube silicone on your hands, arms, and legs and impress your lover with how soft your skin feels.
  3. Use lube for foreplay. Silicone lube doubles nicely as a massage oil, plus the silver lining is you can go right from a erotic massage into penetration with it.
  4. Use lube to sexy up safer sex. Dab a little Inside a latex glove. Without lube, latex gloves can require tugging and pulling to get on, but with a little lube placed on the hand before putting on the glove, it slides right on. You’ll also find that you feel what’s going on with your fingers better too. Read the full post »

Great Gifts for Father’s Day

Nuts and Bolts Kit

Sunday is Father’s Day and what better way to let the father of your children know that you love and respect him than with sex toys? Here are a few of my top picks for him this year:

The Nuts and Bolts kit- This kit has everything he needs to get off. With all the different combinations of how these toys can be used this is a gift that will give all year long. $68

Double Decker Cockring- The 2 bullets have 3 speeds each for each partner to have vibration at the level they like and the stretchy silicone ring is comfy for quickies or marathon sex sessions. $24

Lost and Found DVD- This sex filled romantic comedy is great for the couple that wants to curl up and watch a movie and also wants some hot, realistic sex scenes. There is full penetration, real orgasms and a super cute Boston Terrier…what’s not to love? $34 Read the full post »

Postpartum Sex Workshop at Babeland Brooklyn

When we talk about what’s happening inside the bedroom at Babeland, we like to meet people where they are.  Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm and you are interested in buying a first toy, or maybe you’ve found yourself too busy picking up your kids toys to use toys of your own.   Either way, we don’t think there is a one way to approach sex, which is why we created the Sexy Moms Series.

Every month  we host eye-opening events for new parents that creates a space for moms and dads to talk about the immense changes that are happening to their bodies, lives and relationships.   Our most popular class is “Sex During and After Pregnancy” where we chat with a diverse group filled with preggies and new parents.

This week we are excited to offer a new class, “Postpartum Sex”, that will focus on the experience of being postpartum and trying to reconnect with your sexy self.   This free class will be led by childbirth and sexuality expert, Vanessa Anton and is open to singles, couples, friends and babies!  Here are the details:

Postpartum Sex
Tuesday, June 21, 07:00PM, Free
Babeland Brooklyn, 462 Bergen Street
You just had a baby… now what? Your sexuality is far from off-limits. Join childbirth and sexuality expert, Vanessa Anton, as she explains the changes happening to your body, your sex drive, and how to come back to your sexy self while caring for a newborn.
See you there!







7 Unusual Uses for Lube: Who Knew?

Mult-tasking and economy-minded moms will definitely want to read this post. Recently we had occasion to ask our staff for tips on using lube, but we inadvertently failed to specify that we wanted “sex tips.” Well, lo and behold, look at the many non-sexual ways one can use personal lubricant. Turns out lube is nearly as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife!

  1. Silicone lube works great as a skin moisturizer and hair defrizzer.
  2. Using a layer of silicone lube in place of shaving cream gives a super-smooth result when shaving your legs, plus minimizes razor burn–and a little goes a long way.  Of course, you have to wash it off with soap and water afterwards.
  3. One of our customers bought five bottles because he uses it on the sides of his boat to cut down on the drag through the water. Read the full post »

Quack, Squeak, Hop: Vibes for Moms With a Sense of Humor

Tell me what you think about these crazy kid-like vibes in the comment field below and enter to win a Yooo, a $119 value!

When I was a new mom, I remember being outraged by what my academic friend referred to as the “infantilization of motherhood.” For those B students like me, that is a fancy way of saying that mothers get marketed to as if they are the child,  not the adult. For example, I went to buy a diaper bag–one’s defacto purse for 2 years–and all of them had duckies on them (in 14 years this has changed alot; now I could have a diaper bag designed by celebrity mom Heidi Klum herself!).

So when I first encountered toys like the Duckie Vibe, which is exactly like what it sounds–a vibrating rubber duck, I experienced a sort of horror by association. I didn’t need something to look like a duck to get me off now that I was a mom, I could own my adult desires and proudly wank away with phallic-shaped toys if I wanted to! Read the full post »

Join Urban Mom Squad at Babeland SoHo

Toys aren’t just for your kids anymore. Join Urban Mom Squad, a social networking group for NYC moms of children aged five and under, for a private, kid-free evening Sunday, May 15, at 7:30pm at Babeland SoHo. At this event you’ll learn how to come back to your sexy self and reintroduce words like “hot” and “passion” into your vocabulary… and more importantly, bedroom! Read the full post »

Tweeting Moms: Follow Us For a Chance To Win!

Do you tweet? Would you like to stay up on the latest posts and insights from the Moms in Babeland? Did you know if you follow @momsinbabeland on twitter the G-Ki (aka Gumby for your G-spot) could be yours?!

Follow us!

We are giving away a Je Joue G-Ki once we reach 500 followers and we are getting really close! All you have to do is follow us, tag us @momsinbabeland and tweet about this contest for a chance to win this awesomely customizable luxury vibe.

Read the full post »

The Pregnant New Yorker’s Alternative Health Expo

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The Pregnant New Yorker’s Alternative Health Expo where I learned about breast feeding tips, options for pre and post natal care, and spent time with some seriously cute babies!

My favorite part was giving a talk about how to spice up your sex during pregnancy to a group of thirty women.  I praised the joys of Babelube Natural, the ease of fitting the Form 2 under a pregnant belly, and gave tips for communicating during a time when hormones are flying.

This was our second experience attending a pregnancy expo, and the range of responses we’ve received from attendees has run the gamut from shyness to utter excitement.

So tell me – after hearing information about breasts, bellies, and babies, would you be excited to hear sex tips at a pregnancy event?

Rihanna Needs Babeland’s Vibrella

Babeland's Vibrella

Babeland’s just released the ultimate “vibrator in disguise”: the Vibrella. The functional umbrella boasts a removable vibrating handle that magically transforms the pattern of raindrops into vibrations!

This crazy sexcessory is bound to tickle the fancy of multi-tasking moms, “Singing in the Rain” buffs, tech-geeks, and of course, anyone who’s tapped their feet to Rihanna’s pop sensation “Umbrella” (-ella, -ella, -ella).

And speaking of Rihanna, you can check her out on the cover of Rolling Stone this week—in a sneak peak of the article she offers this pearl, which I would definitely file under the heading: Things Mom Never Taught You: “Don’t go into a sex toy store tipsy.”

Help me out here readers, how would you finish that sentence, because I want to know why, and they don’t say in the excerpt!. My fill-in-the-blanks:

Don’t go into a sex toy store when you’re tipsy…

…because when you’re three sheets to the wind your eyes will always be bigger than your stomach

…because you might find a toy that’s more satisfying than your latest boyfriend
…because you might get snapped by the paparazzi while singing Umbella in the rain with a Vibrella

What say you??

Sexy Mamas: Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids

As a mom I tend to put everyone and everything ahead of my needs. When I finally do get around to spending… ahem time to myself, I can feel guilty. The book, Sexy Mamas: Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids, shows you that it’s ok to want time to yourself. This book points out that it’s all right to want to feel sexy even if your a Mom. It reaffirms the fact that you are entitled to a fulfilling sex life.

Sexy Mamas is full of facts, tips, pointers, and statements from real moms. No matter if you’re married, single, an old hat or a soon to be mom, this book has something for all of us. It shows you that you’re not along and other women feel the same way. Being a woman who is sexually aware is hard enough, factor in being a mother and all the stereotypes that go with it and it gets ten times harder.

The authors (Cathy Winks and Anne Semans) took all that into consideration when penning this book. They interviewed real moms and moms-to-be in order to give us the best information they could, making it a point to say that we don’t have to feel ashamed of wanting to be sexy and have good sexual relationships. We can have all that and be good moms too. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having sex, heck it’s what made you a mom in the first place. Read the full post »