Moms in Babeland

What do you get when a bunch of women who run a sex toy boutique named Babeland become mothers? The Moms in Babeland blog–a very honest forum for talk about love, sex, and parenting.

We know that motherhood is not a temporary detour on your life journey, and your sex life shouldn’t be either—it can be a magnificent ride in and of itself. Whether you’re wondering if it’s normal for your desire levels to skyrocket and plummet during pregnancy (yes it is!), if it’s worth the price of a babysitter so you can check into a motel (yes it is!), or if strengthening your PC muscle will lead to better sex (yes it will!), we’re here to share what we know, listen to your questions, and offer advice and encouragement from our shared experience.

There are currently seven moms on the Babeland staff who “get” what you’re going through, because we’re all living it. Sure, maybe it’s because we all talk about sex for a living that we’re willing to share intimacies other mom friends or parent bloggers might not—most of us are guilty of occasionally co-opting the playdate conversation to talk about our sex lives. But it’s precisely because this subject gets such short shrift in the numerous parenting sites, magazines and books that we feel compelled to speak up!

For those of you who don’t know, Babeland is a women-friendly sex toy boutique owned by Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah (both moms) with a web site and 4 retail stores (in New York and Seattle). At Babeland, we believe that you are entitled to a healthy sex life your whole life long. In other words, just because you had a babe, doesn’t mean you can’t be a babe!

So welcome to the blog, and enjoy the ride.
–The Moms in Babeland: Rachel, Claire, Anne, Mary, Krista, Shannon, and Audrey