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There’s a bit of a debate going on over at BabyCenter about whether it’s ok to give your daughter a vibrator when she turns 18. They’ve all agreed that it’s generally not ok to give it to her in front of her friends (agreed), but the number of parents who are steadfastly against the idea of gifting a young woman a vibrator astounds me. So for the record here are 2 great reasons why I think you should:

1. She will learn where her clitoris is, and this will unlock the secrets of her sexuality. If your kids are learning anything at all in school regarding sex, chances are the location of the clit, and how to pleasure it, are not on the curriculum. Most schools’ sex education is limited to discussions of disease prevention (which focus more on condoms and penises than clits), and contraception (again, no need to mention the clitoris here). So as a good parent who supplements all that is lacking in your child’s education, you can explain this yourself or at least give her access to a good book or web site. But her explorations may still not be as fruitful as her male counterparts’ will be—unless you give her a vibrator, and that leads us to reason number 2:

2. A vibrator can give her an orgasm. Maybe you don’t want to take credit for your daughter’s first orgasm, but let me ask you this: would you rather she didn’t have one? Since most women require a little assistance in order to achieve orgasm, a vibrator really can be the thing that helps her figure this out at 18 rather than 48 (and let me tell you at Babeland we sell a lot of vibrators to older women for this very reason). Once she experiences an orgasm and understands this part of her sexuality, she will be more capable of enjoying and subsequently owning decisions regarding her sexuality.

So IMHO, an excellent graduation of birthday gift for any young woman would be a vibrator and a copy of the book Moregasm. It would be like getting a driver’s license and a car at the same time!

And as a mom who puts her money where here mouth is, I tried giving my daughter a vibrator when she was 14, along with a great book and and a pep talk for self-pleasure, because I thought it was an important gesture to make for the two reasons above. She wasn’t ready for it and returned it to my room, but I feel confident that when she is, at least she knows where to find it.

Dear parent: are you in for a surprise. If you have ever read a ‘where do babies come from’ book to your young child and cringed everytime you get to the explanation “daddy puts his seed in mommy because they love each other”, you are in for a long-awaited treat.

What Makes a Baby is a children’s picture book about where babies come from that is totally unique and unlike any other because it’s written and illustrated to include all kinds of kids, all kinds of adults, and all kinds of families.
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Babelanders offers sexy non-traditional ways to use personal lubricant (for funny non-sexual uses, see this post):

  1. Use Babelube as makeup. Dab a little onto your lips; it will double as lip gloss, giving them a nice shine, and then when you offer up a blow job later, your lips are already primed with extra slipperiness.
  2. Use lube to enhance erogenous zones. Babelube silicone can be used as a moisturizing lotion on sensitive and dry skin. Rub a little Babelube silicone on your hands, arms, and legs and impress your lover with how soft your skin feels.
  3. Use lube for foreplay. Silicone lube doubles nicely as a massage oil, plus the silver lining is you can go right from a erotic massage into penetration with it.
  4. Use lube to sexy up safer sex. Dab a little Inside a latex glove. Without lube, latex gloves can require tugging and pulling to get on, but with a little lube placed on the hand before putting on the glove, it slides right on. You’ll also find that you feel what’s going on with your fingers better too.
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It’s been awhile since I posted a celebrity mom on the blog, and rather than turning to the pages of People magazine to see which Hollywood youngster is giving birth, let’s pay a little tribute to an older mom who’s always been known for her provocative contribution to pop culture: Madonna.

What a powerful female icon she is, and in recent interviews about directing W.E. (a biopic of Wallis Simpson) we’re reminded of just how many glass ceilings she broke through in the entertainment industry, all with her signature blend of sex and strength. Madonna’s moment of sexy mom-ness came for me when she had her first child (at the same time as I had my first daughter), and dedicated the song Ray of Light to daughter Lourdes. While other moms were playing Raffi for their kids, I cranked up Ray of Light, because the lyric “And I feel like I just got home” perfectly described that deeply intimate love I felt about my new daughter.  To this day when that song come on, my girls and dance  to it with joy and abandon!
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